The Buckskin Brotherhood
Book 7

He's reined in by a little buckaroo...

Buckskin wrangler Garrett Whittaker has found the woman of his dreams in single-mom Anna Warren. He’s eager to be in her life, but she refuses to date until her toddler son is in college. Her intimidating ex left little Georgie afraid of men and Anna wary of making another mistake.

If Garrett can win Georgie’s trust, he has a shot. If he can’t, he’s out of luck. One hot kiss tells him Anna’s worth fighting for, but he doesn’t know much about kids.

His fate is in the chubby hands of a two-year-old.


By the time they’d finished eating and organized everything for s’mores, Georgie hadn’t come out. She glanced at Garrett standing near the fire waiting for her decision on whether to start. “I’ll go invite him one more time and see if maybe he’ll decide to join us.”
“By all means.”
She couldn’t ask for a more understanding man to navigate these tricky waters with Georgie. Or a more appealing one… aughhh! She shoved her inappropriate impulses away, walked over to Georgie’s door and tapped on it. “Hey, son.”
“Don’t want Grit, Mama.”
“Okay. But I need to get your dishes.” She opened the door and stepped into the room. Her chest tightened. Georgie was so alone in there. “We’d like you to come out and make s’mores with us.”
The look he gave her broke her heart. She battled the urge to tell him she’d send Garrett away. But then what? Georgie would never dance by the fire pit, would never know that Garrett and the Brotherhood were friends to be cherished, not enemies to despise. “You’re not coming out?”
He didn’t answer, just looked at her, his dark gaze stubborn and unyielding.
“We’ll miss you.” She picked up his dishes and left the room, closing the door behind her. She carried the dishes to the kitchen nook, swamped by the pain of her child’s unhappiness.
Garrett was right behind her.
She set the dishes on the counter. “He won’t…” No reason to finish the sentence.
Garrett put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him. “I’ll leave if you want me to.”
“I don’t want you to.” The warmth of his hands on her shoulders spread, soothing her anxiety and replacing it with something much nicer.
Lifting both hands, she rested them lightly on his chest. Ah, that felt so good—wear-softened cotton plaid over solid muscle. She focused on the steady movement beneath her palms as he breathed.
Gradually his breathing changed and his grip on her shoulders tightened. He swallowed. “Anna.”
She raised her head and met his gaze.
“Do you want me to kiss you?”
Heat flared in his blue-green eyes. “Are you sure?”
Slowly he lowered his head, giving her plenty of time to change her mind.
She wasn’t about to. He wouldn’t take it too far. He wasn’t the type to throw caution to the winds. Maybe this would be their one and only kiss. But it was one they both wanted, both needed.

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