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Moon Clouds

Paranormal Romance

Werewolf in Manhattan

She believed werewolves were a myth...until she met one.

For paranormal romance author Emma Gavin, werewolves only existed between the pages of her novels. They were seductive heroes drawn from her imagination, not living, breathing creatures in the real world. And they certainly were not wealthy lords of industry.

And then the sexy Mr. Wallace sprouted fur.

Offering to pose as Emma’s bodyguard to deter a rogue Were should have been an easy assignment for pack alpha Aidan Wallace. She’s human. He’s Were. The two don’t mix. But he didn’t count on the temptation she would pose to his highly tuned senses. Or how hard it would be to resist her siren call.

Denying the bond that’s drawing them together could cost him his sanity. But surrendering to desire could cost him his life.


Werewolf in Greenwich Village

They have love, but no future...

Nadia Henderson never dreamed she’d find love with Quentin Wallace. She’s been drawn to the broad-shouldered, highly creative Were ever since they were teenagers eyeing each other at family picnics. Unfortunately, pack law requires her to mate with another alpha, and Quentin doesn’t qualify. As far as the pack is concerned, love isn’t a factor in the equation. Her only option? Seize the moment and make memories to last a lifetime…

Note: This title is not currently available for sale.


Werewolf in the North Woods

She caught him with his pants down...

When over-educated anthropology professor Roarke Wallace seeks to discredit her grandfather’s sighting of Bigfoot, Abby Winchell launches a counterattack. Sure, Grandpa Earl is dotty, but he’s not a liar. Taking his high-powered camera, she heads into the woods. No sign of Bigfoot, but she spots the learned professor…taking off his clothes and sprouting fur.

Painting Earl Dooley as a crackpot is the only way Roarke can prevent a media blitz that would endanger the Sasquatch and expose the local Were pack. He doesn’t count on Abby catching him on film. Or using the photos to blackmail him into taking her on his search for the Bigfoot pair. Roarke and Abby have every reason to distrust each other. But trekking through the woods strips away their preconceptions, revealing all the ways they’re...compatible.


But when the Were pack gets suspicious about Abby’s involvement, Roarke’s caught between loyalty to his kind, and loyalty to the woman he never expected to love...


Werewolf in Seattle

She’s a werewolf with a secret...

Luna Reynaud has finally found her place in the world, working at an elegant estate on an island in Puget Sound. None of the quirky Were staff members suspect she’s half human and she has to keep it that way. Weres and humans aren’t supposed to mate. But when the owner unexpectedly dies, Luna and her co-workers are in danger of losing their home.

As a teenager, Colin MacDowell spent carefree summers on his aunt’s island. Now that he’s laird of a powerful Scottish pack, he has no time to deal with the estate he inherited. He intends to sell it, but Luna convinces him she can turn it into a thriving werewolf hotel. He’s happy to grant her request, and even happier to share her bed. He never expected a funeral would lead him to his mate.

She’s everything he’s ever wanted. But her secret has the power to tear them apart...


Werewolf in Denver

She had him at howl...

Kate Stillman doesn’t believe werewolves should mate with humans. She founded HOWL (Honoring Our Werewolf Legacy) to rally support for her views. After months of heated online debate with Scottish Were Duncan MacDowell, she’s eager to challenge him at the international werewolf conference hosted at her high-security mountain resort near Denver. She doesn’t count on being wildly attracted to the sexy Scotsman.

Duncan believes humans should be told that werewolves exist. He founded WOOF (Werewolves Optimizing Our Future) to encourage Were-human interaction, and he expects to choose a human as his mate when the time comes. Too bad Kate turns out to be more exciting than any female he’s ever met, Were or human.


When they’re fur to fur or skin to skin, they’re the perfect match. But tempers flare outside of the bedroom. Will their clashing belief systems sabotage any chance at happiness?


Werewolf in Alaska

He’s the wolf of her dreams...

Alaskan werewolf Jake Hunter’s fascinated by Rachel Miller, his lovely neighbor across the lake. But he’s the founder of WARM (Werewolves Against Random Mating) and becoming involved with a human female would be the height of hypocrisy. That’s why he watches her from afar...until she accidentally crosses paths with a mother grizzly and her cub.

Rachel’s built her artistic reputation carving images of wolves inspired by a muscular male wolf she caught on camera. She never expected he’d show up again, let alone risk his life to save hers. Their connection borders on psychic, drawing her as she tracks him to Jake’s cabin. Her reserved and reclusive neighbor rebuffs her accusations that he’s harboring a wolf in his home, but her instincts tell her he’s lying.

And his haunting green eyes look exactly like the wolf’s...


Werewolf in Las Vegas

He’s only human, but she’s not...

Giselle Landry’s ruff is up. Instead of accepting his role as the future Landry pack alpha, her brother Bryce is partying in Vegas with a human female. His behavior goes against every principle Giselle holds dear. Weres do not get intimately involved with humans. But to break up the romance and haul her wayward sibling home, Giselle will need the help of a human ally –casino owner Luke Dalton.

Luke doesn’t believe in werewolves. If anyone told him that they’ve been operating casinos in Vegas for years, he’d laugh. But locating the playboy who’s leading his baby sister astray is no laughing matter. He’s eager to join forces with the lovely Giselle to track them down. Achieving his goal will solve both their problems…until a wild night with Giselle raises the stakes.

Passion this intense can’t be denied. After all, he’s only human...

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