The Buckskin Brotherhood
Book 10

Can he outwit her big brother?

A Christmas visit to the Buckskin puts rancher Sky McLintock on a collision course with college teacher Penny Marston. He falls head-over-boots from the get-go, but Penny’s big brother Leo makes it clear no out-of-town stranger is messing with his little sister. And Leo has backup. The other muscular cowboys of the Buckskin Brotherhood made Penny their adopted little sister. One false move and Sky’s goose is cooked.

Penny recently dumped her cheating fiancé and isn’t about to get serious about any man. But a holiday fling with a broad-shouldered cowboy? Heck, yeah! Sky’s the fantasy hero she’s only met in books. Leo may think he can monitor her social life, but he’s not the boss of her. If Sky’s okay with temporary fun and games, she’ll help him out-maneuver Leo and the Brotherhood. Plotting how to fool them will be fun… until she realizes she’s really fooling herself.


“Are you going to ask my sister to dance or aren’t you?”
Sky met Leo’s gaze. Quietly taking Penny out on the floor while everyone else was occupied had been his original plan. Revealing his interest in her right under her big brother’s nose might not be the wisest course of action. “Will it get me into trouble?”
“No.” Penny said it with firm authority. “I’ve handled that. Come on.”
He chuckled. “Alrighty, then.” He tucked his arm around her waist and followed the rest of the gang. “I’m glad you handled whatever needed to be handled.” He twirled her onto the dance floor.
“Leo asked the Brotherhood to keep an eye on you, make sure you didn’t step out of line.”
“Can’t say I’m surprised.” Holding her was like wrapping his arms around sunshine.
“Do they know something incriminating about you?”
“No, ma’am. But I’m a stranger and you’re Leo’s little sister. I know how that works.”
“How do you know? Do you have a sister?”
“Matter of fact, I do. My brothers and I watch Angelique like a hawk.”
“Isn’t Angelique the name of Louis L’Amour’s daughter?”
“It is but I’m surprised you—oh, wait. That’s your area.” This song was way too short. He knew it well, and they were already at the midpoint. “I like your cowgirl duds.”
“Not too much bling?”
“I like sparkles.” And the snug fit of her jeans, but he wasn’t going to say that.
“I went a little crazy at Jeans Junction.”
“Looks good on you.” Mouth-watering. “Listen, I don’t want to get crossways with your brother or the rest of the gang, but I’m hoping we can spend some time together tonight.”
“We can. I told Leo to back off. I have dirt on that boy, things the Brotherhood would tease him mercilessly about.”
He laughed. “You and Angelique would get along.”
“How old is she?”
“Twenty-three going on thirty-three.”
“I’d love to meet her. I could give her some tips.”
“Which tells me I need to keep you two far, far apart. Not that it will be difficult. Sounds like you’re well and truly planted in L.A.” He drew her closer, just a little bit. The entire Brotherhood was on the dance floor monitoring his every move. “Are you sure Leo told this Buckskin group to stand down?”
“He said he did. Why?”
“All of them seem mighty interested in the gap between your body and mine.”
“Then let’s give them something to worry about.” On the next turn, she snuggled in. “How’s that?”
He dragged in air. They fit perfectly. “Spectacular. Jake and Matt just gave me the evil eye. If I go missing, check the alley out back. I’ll be lying in a bloody heap.”
“No, you won’t. These guys are not violent. They might give you a talking-to, but they don’t beat people up. They have a creed — What Would Charley Do? I gather he wasn’t the violent type, either.”
“I’m slightly comforted by that.”
“They’re extra protective right now because I recently broke off my engagement after I discovered my fiancé was cheating on me.”
“On you? Is he nuts?”
“You just made my evening.”
“Then listen closely. You’re beautiful, smart, and caring. He’s a fool. Anybody who got a yes from you is one lucky bastard. I can’t believe he messed it up.”
She sighed. “See? I told them dancing with you would be good for my battered ego. The song’s almost over, but can we do this again sometime soon?”
“Yes, ma’am, we certainly—”
“But not right away. You turn me on, and I need to catch my breath.” The music stopped and she wiggled out of his arms. “Catch you later, cowboy.”

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