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Only a Cowboy Will Do

A cowboy in search of a do-over…

Last Chance wrangler Nash Bledsoe lost everything in his divorce. But at least he’s free of his ex-wife’s slavish devotion to author Bethany Grace’s sickening mantra happiness is a choice. He’s back in Wyoming, eager to leave his miserable marriage and Bethany Grace in the rearview. Then smoke from a neighboring ranch brings him face-to-face with his nemesis. The best-selling author who claims happiness is a choice muscled her late father’s recliner outside and torched it.

Bethany’s itching to sell the rundown ranch she once called home, the place she avoided as her father drank himself to death. Although not at her best when Nash shows up, she’s self-confident enough these days to flirt with her former classmate. Until she learns he despises her books. But he’s interested in her ranch. And she’s ready to bargain, especially when negotiations spark a fiery attraction.

Nash always dreamed of owning a ranch. Will he close the deal and lose the girl?

NOTE: This title was formerly released as I CROSS MY HEART


Sons of Chance

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