Rowdy Ranch

Testing the Cowboy's Resolve

He craves more than her friendship…

Cowboy and firefighter Cheyenne McLintock would rather battle a five-alarm blaze than participate in a bachelor auction. But the station needs a new firetruck. Then his sister’s bestie, Kendall Abbott, takes charge of the bidding. He’s kept her at arm’s length until now, but that’s no longer an option. And her innocence is more tempting than he wants to admit.

When she was a teen, Kendall decided Cheyenne would be her first lover. She’s been patient for ten years, and now her opportunity has come. The time she won with her fantasy cowboy should do the trick. Baking his favorite cookies and concocting a reason he needs to spend the night gets the ball rolling. No match for her schemes, he goes down in flames.


He knows she should expand her horizons. Then why does he hate that idea?

Testing the Cowboy's Resolve

He craves more than her friendship…

Equine vet Marsh McLintock and P.E. teacher Ella Bradley became BFFs as kids and vowed they'd never get involved in mushy stuff that would wreck everything. Ella's wedding day clinches the deal—friends forever, lovers never. Then Ella learns her fiancé's a lying cheat and cancels the wedding. Marsh knows his role—to comfort his devastated best friend and stand between her and the ex who wants her back. Too bad he just discovered he's madly in love with her.

As Ella's dream of a home and family come crashing down, Marsh keeps her spirits up and her ex at bay. He looks damn good doing it, too. Has he always been this ripped? Maybe inviting herself to stay at Rowdy Ranch to avoid her ex and recover her mojo wasn't such a good idea. Clearly her wedding disaster is messing with her mind and her hormones. How stupid would she be to give in to a momentary temptation and risk losing the best friend a girl ever had?


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