Wild About You #1.5
September 2011
ebook format only

Werewolf in Greenwich Village

Now that Nadia Henderson is no longer pledged to mate with pack alpha Aidan Wallace, she’s free to explore other options, including a fling with Aidan’s cousin Quentin, a werewolf she was attracted to in the past but resisted because he was related to Aidan. A chance meeting with Quentin ignites the sparks between them, and now there’s nothing and no one standing in the way. But when Nadia’s brother Theo attempts to take over the Henderson pack, Nadia’s called home to deal with her brother and claim her heritage as the Henderson pack alpha. She cherishes Quentin’s support, but he doesn’t have the rank to mate with a pack alpha. Caught between duty and love, Nadia confronts impossible choices that threaten the future of the pack she’s destined to lead.

Copyright 2001-2017 Vicki Lewis Thompson