Rowdy Ranch
Book 2

Sold to his sisterís best friendÖ

Cowboy and firefighter Cheyenne McLintock would rather battle a five-alarm blaze than participate in a bachelor auction. But the station needs a new firetruck. Then his sisterís bestie, Kendall Abbott, takes charge of the bidding. Heís kept her at armís length until now, but thatís no longer an option. And her innocence is more tempting than he wants to admit.

When she was a teen, Kendall decided Cheyenne would be her first lover. Sheís been patient for ten years, and now her opportunity has come. The time she won with her fantasy cowboy should do the trick. Baking his favorite cookies and concocting a reason he needs to spend the night gets the ball rolling. No match for her schemes, he goes down in flames.

He knows she should expand her horizons. Then why does he hate that idea?

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