The McGavin Brothers
Book 5

Too hot to handle...

Firefighting cowboy Trevor McGavin is blindsided by his unexpected attraction to Olivia Shaw, the least flirtatious woman he’s ever met. But when her house is threatened by a wildfire in the middle of the night, he comes face to face with the sexy woman behind the strait-laced accountant’s exterior.

Young widow Olivia hasn’t looked at another man since her husband died unexpectedly three years ago. She’d accepted her libido had died with him. Then Trevor strikes a match with his late-night heroics. No one could ever take the place of her late husband, but is it wrong to crave the sexy, broad-shouldered cowboy who brought passion back into her life?


Until this moment, Trevor hadn’t acknowledged how strong his craving for Olivia was. Opening the front door, he walked into the living room and turned around to close the door. When he swung back, he froze in place. Olivia stood in the hallway.
Her sudden appearance startled him. He’d expected her to be asleep, but she must have been listening for him to come home. He had info she wanted.
Her jeans and sweater the previous day had prompted an adjustment in his thinking, but this outfit required a total overhaul of his assumptions about Olivia Shaw. Her satin robe and nightgown matched the erotic pink of her bedroom walls. If that was accidental, he’d eat his hat.
She wore her glasses, but that was all that was left of her accountant persona. Her dark hair tumbled around her shoulders in glorious abundance. If she took off her robe and nightgown, she could drape her hair over her breasts.
Heaven help him, he ached for her to do that. He wanted her in his arms, her silky hair sliding over his naked body. He shivered. Maybe exhaustion was making him hallucinate, because something in her eyes told him that he wasn’t the only one with that idea.
She drew in a breath. “You saved my house.”
“Not just me. Plenty of firefighters worked to save it.” He took a few steps toward her.
“But you were the one who cared the most.” She closed the gap a little more.
“Well, yeah. You’re a family friend.” Boy, didn’t that sound dumb. He drifted closer.
She smiled. “You mean I’m the nice person who brings homemade cookies when I come to visit? The one who remembers everyone’s birthday with an appropriate card?”
He laughed before he remembered he was supposed to be quiet. “No. I didn’t mean that at all. You’re…” He cleared his throat. “You’re nothing like I thought you were. Let’s leave it at that.”
Her voice was soft and her gaze even softer. “Okay.”
He was within touching distance. In his world, standing this close to a woman in sexy nightwear meant they were about to make love. Not today.
He couldn’t even assume she was trying to be provocative. She’d arrived in this outfit and it was opaque enough to be perfectly decent. Except chances were good she wore nothing underneath.
He swallowed. Time to get the main points of this conversation out of the way so he could go to his room and she could return to Cody’s. “I’m sorry about your barn. It was right in the path and we had to let it go.”
“I heard.”
“Mom can keep your horses until you build a new one.”
“She already told me that and I’m very grateful. I’m sure Bonnie and Clyde will have a blast hanging out with all these horses.”
“Bonnie and Clyde? Aren’t they both geldings?”
“Yes, but Edward and I had decided on those names when we still lived in Chicago. Once we got out here we learned that two geldings made more sense for beginners than a gelding and a mare. But we kept the names, anyway.”
“I see.” It helped cool his jets to hear her talk about Edward with affection. “You were very brave to take the horses out when you’d never pulled a trailer.”
“My horses, my job.” She nudged her glasses more firmly into place and lifted her chin. “The rest of you had work to do. Taking someone away from that because I couldn’t handle my responsibility would have been wrong.”
She had courage. Too bad he was a sucker for gutsy women. “I realized you were scared, though. I even suspected you were hauling horses for the first time, but I—”
“You had to let me do it.” She took a deep breath. “And I did. But before I pull another loaded horse trailer, I intend to get some instruction.”
“I’ll be glad to teach you.”
“That would be great.”
Evidently he was still looking for ways to spend time with her, whether that was wise or not. “You probably know more than you think you do, since you made it over here.”
“I know nothing. I drove the entire way without using my brakes.”
“Whoa. Not at all?”
She shook her head and her dark hair rippled. “I went real slow and there was hardly any traffic.”
“I guess there wouldn’t be much. Most people try to stay off the road when there’s a wildfire anywhere near town.”
“How soon will I be able to go back?”
“I’m not sure. I can find out for you in a few hours, but my guess is they’ll need to monitor the area for hotspots. They won’t want you in there until it’s safe.”
“Maybe. I’m thinking not, though.”
She deflated a little. “I was hoping.”
“Listen, when you do go back.” He hesitated. “Your house is perfectly fine, but the area around it took a hit.”
Her gaze sharpened. “What about the acreage between the main road and the house?”
“The grassland? I don’t think it was affected much.”
“But we had to clear off anything near the house that would burn.”
“My flowers?”
“Had to go.”
“My vegetable garden?”
“Did you have one?”
“Yes, in back. I’d harvested most of it but I still had…” Her voice trailed off. “I’m guessing it’s gone, too.”
Her lower lip trembled.
“I’ll help you plant a new one next spring.”
She nodded. “It’s just that Edward and I…” With a quick gulp, she turned away. “I’ll…I’ll see you later, okay?” She walked quickly down the hall and into Cody’s room. The door closed with a soft click.
Sure as the world, she’d planted that garden with Edward. If there was any doubt whether she was still grieving, her reaction to losing the garden confirmed it. He scrubbed a hand over his face. She still loved her late husband. That didn’t leave much room for another man

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