The McGavin Brothers
Book 2

Should he grant her outrageous request?

Cody McGavin is thrown for a loop. Faith Underwood has announced she has a vexing condition. Virginity. And she wants him to remedy the situation. He hasn’t been involved with a virgin since he was one and he’s not convinced he’s up to the challenge.

Faith hadn’t given much thought to sex. Then she saw Cody. He’s the perfect choice to show her what she’s been missing. He’s gorgeous, trustworthy...and leaving town in two weeks. But first she has to convince him to go along with her plan.

How can she seduce a sexy cowboy when she’s been an ugly duckling all her life?


Cody drew in a breath. “Listen, I need to tell you that…the first time...there can be pain.”
“I’ve heard that but I don’t think it will be a problem for me,” Faith said.
“Why not?”
“I’ve spent most of my life on a horse. I’ve read that constant riding can eliminate that situation. But I just thought of something. If I don’t have pain, will you think I’m lying about being a virgin?”
“No, I’d never think that. You’re too honest.”
“I’m not, either. I told you my starter was going out when it wasn’t.”
He pulled her around to face him. “Let’s settle this. Did you make up the story about being a virgin to get me into bed?”
“Good enough for me.” He started down the road again, his hand gripping hers.
“Let me ask you something.”
“Yesterday you were freaked out by my request but I sense a change in your attitude.”
He chuckled. “Do you, now?”
“You seem much more enthusiastic tonight. How come?”
“Maybe it took me a while to realize what a gift you’re offering. All I can say is that the idea has been growing on me ever since yesterday. Being the first one is a privilege, but I’d be less than honest if I didn’t admit it’s a turn-on, too.”
“So the books were right about that.”
“I can’t say. Haven’t read them.”
“Well, I have, and in those books, virginity is a big deal. When a man claims a virgin, it’s like they’re bonded for life.”
“Hang on.” He planted his feet in the loamy soil. “Is that what you’re after? A lifetime bond?”
“No, silly. I already told you this is a temporary deal. We each have our lives set up the way we want them so why mess with that?”
He continued to study her. “But what if you find out you really like it?”
“I hope to Hannah I’ll like it. This is my only shot so I want it to be good.”
“That’s my point. What if it’s so freaking wonderful that you want to keep doing it for longer than two weeks?”
“I doubt that.”
For some reason, he found that funny. “How can you be so sure?”
“Easy. Judging from all the books I’ve read, it’s exciting the first few times, but then the story has to end because after that it gets boring. It’s just wash, rinse, repeat.”
He let go of her hand and held his sides because he was laughing so hard. “Wash, rinse, repeat.” He gasped for air and wiped his eyes. “I hate that I’ll never be able to tell anyone you said that. It’s hysterical.”
“Cody, you promised me that you—”
“I won’t. I swear I won’t, but Zane would crack up.” He cleared the laughter from his throat but he still looked highly amused. “If you’re so sure it gets boring, why bother at all?”
“Because I want to experience the first part, when everything’s shiny and new. At least it’ll be new for me. It could end up being old hat for you.”
“Somehow I don’t think so.”
“Only because you’ve never done it with me, so that’ll be different.”
“Anyway, from my point of view, once the mystery’s gone, I’ll be over it.”
“Then we’d better proceed with the program so you can check it off your list.” He recaptured her hand. “By the way, I have a surprise for you.”
“What’s that?”
“When we get around the next bend in the road, you’ll see.”
A minute later she gasped with delight. “Oh, Cody. That’s so beautiful!” He’d swung the truck around and opened the back. Candles flickered on the ground on either side, turning the clearing into a fairyland. Soft lantern light illuminated the cozy bed she’d seen earlier today.
As she took in the romantic setting, she became aware of a sweet aroma blending with the fresh scent of rain and wet pine needles. Dazzled, she turned to him. “The candles are scented.”
Swallowing, she gazed at him and hoped she wouldn’t tear up. “No one…no one has ever done something like this for me.”
“Then it’s about time.”

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