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Wrangling the Cowboy's Dreams

This cowboy’s lying to himself.

To the folks in Wagon Train, Montana, adopted son Lucky McLintock fits right in with his Rowdy Ranch family. He’s mannerly, honorable and rides a flashy horse named Silver. But his mother died in childbirth without giving her real name and his father is unknown. In his heart, Lucky’s a rootless saddle tramp, unworthy to be a McLintock and undeserving of love.

Oksana Jones sees Lucky as a McLintock. She looks past his protective armor to his generous soul and falls hard for the sexy-as-hell cowboy. But her job working for him at Wagon Train’s Western-themed bookshop will end in a few months when she earns her degree. Then Mother Nature steps in, stranding them at the shop during a blizzard. Even though Oksana has no future with Lucky, she settles for one night in his arms.

Will one night create a bittersweet memory…or will it change everything?

Rowdy Ranch

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