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Craving the Cowboy's Kiss

His apology is long overdue…

Gil McLintock’s been on the outs with former high school classmate Faye Bradley since a mortifying incident years ago, one that was totally his fault. So when his brother’s about to marry Faye’s sister, Gil seeks to mend fences before the big day. He succeeds too well, reigniting the sizzling chemistry they’ve both tried to forget. But he’d be a fool to indulge since their lives would never mesh.

Faye crushed on Gil in high school, and the handsome cowboy he’s become flips all her switches. But he’s spent years building a business in Wagon Train and she’s passionately involved in work that rarely allows her to visit, let alone live in her hometown. On the other hand, she’s blocked out an entire week for her sister’s wedding. She could pack a lot of memories into a week.

Will a handful of nights together satisfy their craving…or break their hearts?

Rowdy Ranch

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