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Blowing the Cowboy's Mind

He’ll give her a baby but not his heart…

A failed marriage spurs Trent Armstrong to start fresh at Rowdy Ranch, the boisterous family compound his brother Dallas calls home. Riding, mucking out stalls and bartending at the town’s watering hole leave him no time for socializing, which is how he wants it. But offering a ride home to slightly tipsy Brit Powers takes an unexpected turn when she decides he’s the commitment-phobic baby-daddy she didn’t know she needed.

All Brit’s friends are getting married and having babies. She wants a baby too, but her parents’ divorce left her wary of walking down the aisle. On the eve of her thirty-first birthday, the ticking of her biological clock is deafening. When she discovers Trent longs for a kid but has sworn off marriage, she sees a golden opportunity to have her cake and eat it, too…especially if romance is off the table.

Can love triumph over two people who don’t believe in it?

Rowdy Ranch

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