Wild About You
Book 6

He’s only human, but she’s not...

Giselle Landry’s ruff is up. Instead of accepting his role as the future Landry pack alpha, her brother Bryce is partying in Vegas with a human female. His behavior goes against every principle Giselle holds dear. Weres do not get intimately involved with humans. But to break up the romance and haul her wayward sibling home, Giselle will need the help of a human ally –casino owner Luke Dalton.

Luke doesn’t believe in werewolves. If anyone told him that they’ve been operating casinos in Vegas for years, he’d laugh. But locating the playboy who’s leading his baby sister astray is no laughing matter. He’s eager to join forces with the lovely Giselle to track them down. Achieving his goal will solve both their problems…until a wild night with Giselle raises the stakes.

Passion this intense can’t be denied. After all, he’s only human...


Giselle stood and put on her leather jacket. “We’ll go on my motorcycle.”
That brought Luke up short. “Your what?”
“I rented a Harley to get around while I’m here. It’s what I’m used to back home, and it’s parked in Howlin’ at the Moon’s patrolled lot. Or did you want to walk?”
“No. Takes too long. The valet can bring my car around.”
“We’ll get there faster on my Harley. The rental company insisted on giving me an extra helmet. They seemed to think I’d have a passenger sooner or later while I was here.”
Luke hesitated. He wasn’t in the habit of surrendering control of his transportation.
“Your sister won’t expect you to be riding around on the back of a motorcycle.”
He had to admit he liked the way she thought. “Okay, yeah. That’s a good point. She’s not the only one who can play games.” He grabbed a denim jacket from the coat tree by the door and followed Giselle out of the office.
As they walked together through the noisy bar toward the front door, Luke stopped to fill Chuck in on the proceedings. Chuck agreed to monitor the bar situation while Luke was gone.
He turned back to Giselle and discovered that she was inspecting the décor with obvious interest. “Ever been in here?”
“Years ago with some friends. You must be happy about owning such a Vegas landmark.”
“I expected to be happier about it.” He surprised himself by saying that.
“You mean because of this business with your sister?”
“That doesn’t help, but after all the drama of the poker game, the actual ownership of the bar turns out to be anticlimactic.”
“Maybe it hasn’t sunk in, yet.”
“Maybe that’s it.” He started toward the double front doors with their oval insets of etched glass. Giselle walked beside him, and he couldn’t help noticing that they moved with a similar rhythm. She was tall, about five-eight without the two-inch heels on her boots. But he was taller by about six inches.
He’d always liked that ratio. Any woman who was shorter than five-eight seemed small to him, probably because his mother and Cynthia were also around five-eight. In any case, he liked having some height advantage when he dated someone.
Not that he was dating Giselle or ever would. He’d help her corral her brother, and that would be the end of that. She’d called him a throwback, and that wasn’t so far off. He still believed in protecting those who were smaller and weaker than he was. The meant all children and most women. It definitely included Cynthia. He was still debating whether it included Giselle, especially after he saw the motorcycle. Any woman who blew into town and rented a black Harley might not need his protection.
As he strapped on the helmet and goggles she handed him, he admired the practiced way she tucked her hair under her helmet, adjusted her goggles, and climbed on the bike. Okay, he admired her ass, too. Was that a crime? Not in his world.
“What about you, though?” he asked as he swung up behind her. “Won’t your brother suspect you’re on a motorcycle, if that’s what you always drive?”
“Bryce doesn’t know I’m here.” She started the engine.
“Ah.” He’d assumed she would have warned him that she was on the way. Knowing she didn’t telegraph her punches was valuable information and increased his respect for her. “Planning to sneak up on him, are you?”
“I guess you could say that. Ready?”
“Anytime you are.” Now was not the time to admit he’d never been on a motorcycle before. All his buddies had either owned one or had at least ridden on one, and somehow he’d missed the experience. Once the teenage years had passed, he’d lost the urge to try it. But it couldn’t be that hard.
“You might want to hang on.”
“I’ll be fine.”
“If you say so.” She zoomed into traffic and he damned near fell off.
Grabbing her around the waist, he straightened. Holy hell, but the woman could drive this sucker. He wouldn’t say she took unnecessary chances, but she did some impressive maneuvering through traffic.
It was an exhilarating ride, but if he hadn’t been holding on to her, he might have been left somewhere in the middle of the road. To be fair, she’d warned him, and he’d been too macho to listen. He might not want to make that mistake again.

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