The Nerd Series
Book 5

She exploded into his life just as he was throwing in the towel...

Electrical engineer Charlie Shepherd is done with Middlesex, Connecticut. After years of lingering in small town obscurity, he’s landed his dream job at Hoover Dam. But his plans are blown up by fashion model Eve Dupree and her exploding garage. She may look like she walked off a magazine cover, but the experimental hovercraft she’s invented is pure genius. Everything about her is a schematic for winning his nerdy heart and flipping all his switches. Too bad he’s leaving town.

And Charlie isn’t the only one who's stumbled upon Eve and her secret invention. A series of suspicious incidents indicate a saboteur is out to scuttle her project. With time running out, Charlie goes full bore to help make her vision a reality, revving both their engines in the process. But when the saboteur’s game of cat and mouse turns deadly, Charlie must fight to save Eve and her invention before it’s too late...


Charlie in the doorway of her bedroom was an unexpectedly arousing sight. Even without the benefit of a leather motorcycle jacket, his shoulders were satisfyingly broad. Add to that the appealing way his brown hair curled just a little, sending a softening wave down over his high, intelligent-looking forehead, and you had one hot-looking guy.
Ever since Monday afternoon, Eve's hormonal reaction had been building in her system gradually, drop by drop. Now it had reached critical mass and she was helpless in the face of urges that shocked her.
She wanted him this very minute. If he walked into the room and threw her on the bed, they could do it on top of the dry cleaning as far as she was concerned. She probably wouldn’t even notice unless a hanger poked her in the butt.
Watching him standing in the doorway, her mouth began to water. Denise was so not getting her mitts on this guy. Eve wanted to strip off his flannel shirt and corduroy slacks to find out if indeed he wore tighty whities as she suspected. Suddenly that seemed like the sexiest underwear in the world.
He, however, wanted to fix her washing machine. Somewhere between those two goals they might be able to find a meeting place.
“Mm.” His murmur of approval caught her by surprise.
Was it possible that he’d read her mind? If she stayed right where she was, would he walk into the room and take her in his arms?
When he moved in her direction, her heartbeat changed dramatically. What a rush. She’d never been so in tune with someone that he acted out her internal impulses. Should she go to meet him, to let him know his instincts were right on target?
As she debated whether to hold out both arms in welcome, he cruised right past her and picked up the pamphlet on her bedside table.
Properties of the Custom Rotary Engine.” He flipped it open to the table of contents. “Now there’s something I wish I’d had a chance to read before tonight. Can I borrow it?”
“Uh, sure.” Damn, he’d been after her bedside reading material, not her.


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