The Nerd Series
Book 4

Playing a brainy scientist requires a lot of chemistry...

Hollywood actress Zoe Tarleton is stuck in a typecast rut. Audiences adore her pretty face and knockout physique, but she’s sick of being labeled sexy rather than smart. She’s determined to land a highly coveted role, playing a world-famous chemist. To nab the gig, however, she needs to brush up on her nerd nuances. And she knows just the man to teach her.

L.A. entertainment lawyer Flynn Granger is gobsmacked* when the box office bombshell recruits him to be her geek guru. Getting to know the real Zoe during a weekend retreat in a secluded cabin sounds too good to be true. But the experience isn’t quite the cozy interlude he envisioned. Spooky sounds float on the night air. Mysterious accidents mount up, putting them both on edge. Has a crazed fan tracked Zoe to this remote location? Or, even more bizarre, is the legendary Bigfoot roaming these woods? With Zoe’s life in danger, Flynn must become the hero she needs, or risk losing her forever...


Grabbing a legal pad she’d shoved into her suitcase at the last minute, Zoe rummaged in her purse and finally found a pen. In seconds she was standing at the open door to Flynn’s room, ready to observe.
He didn’t see her right away. He was too busy arranging his underwear in the top dresser drawer. She made a note: Are there neat nerds and sloppy nerds? She’d have to decide which her character was. She thought maybe a neat nerd, from what she’d read of the script.
Then he looked up and spied her standing in the doorway. “What’s up?”
“I suddenly realized that I need to know how you do things. You can tell me stuff all you want, but if I watch you going about your normal routine, I’ll pick up the habits you don’t even know you have.”
“Uh, okay.” He didn’t look thrilled by the prospect, but he didn’t tell her to leave, either.
“You’re putting everything away, aren’t you?”
He glanced at her “I guess you think that’s anal. It’s only a weekend.”
“I’m here to learn, not judge. Why do you put everything away? Why not live out of the suitcase for a couple of days?”
He paused, a belt in his hand. “I guess because I like knowing where everything is.” Coiling the belt, he put it in the drawer.
“You would know that. It would all be in the suitcase.”
“Jumbled up.”
She thought of the mess in her room. Flynn would hate that. “So jumbled up is a bad thing.” She noticed that his underwear drawer contained knit boxers, which she found sexy. But then, she seemed to have sex on the brain when it came to Flynn.
“For me, jumbled up doesn’t work.” He took out a small black bag and put it on top of the dresser. “My shaving kit,” he said, acknowledging her unasked question.
Zoe scribbled on her legal pad. “Let’s say you’re a woman.”
“Let’s not.”
“I know you’re not, but I have to make this gender switch. If you were a woman, you’d have all your bras and panties neatly stacked in a drawer, with no holes or stretched elastic spoiling the mix. Does that sound right?”
“Zoe, I can’t even get my mind around the idea of neat stacks of bras and panties. On this one you’ll have to go with your instincts.” He went back to his suitcase and pulled out a couple of white shirts, which he shook and hung up in the tiny closet.
“How do you stand on wrinkles?”
He paused. “I don’t like them, but if you’re talking about nerds in general, that’s all over the map. Some don’t give a damn about whether their clothes are wrinkled.”
“I’m going to play Vera as if she cares about wrinkles. I think she’s an exacting person. I think she likes her world to be orderly. That’s what bothers her about having Tony around. She doesn’t have a good place for him in her neat little life.”
“That sounds right.” He returned to the suitcase, took out a pair of slacks identical to the ones he was wearing, and hung them in the closet.
“I’m guessing not much variety to the wardrobe.” Zoe said.
“Variety takes too much thought.”
“Gotcha. You have to save your brain for the important things, like complicated contracts. Or, in Vera’s case, the formula that will combine weight loss, anti-aging, and sexual stamina.”
“That’s such a crazy concept.” Flynn unzipped a small outside pocket in his overnighter.
“I know. I—” She forgot what she’d been about to say. Inside the zippered compartment was a box of condoms


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