The McGavin Brothers
Book 15

City slicker to cowboy? No way!

Although Scotsman Aleck McGavin dons boots and a Stetson during his brief visit to Eagles Nest, Montana, he’s not ready to start riding and roping. He’s a lawyer, not a cowboy. But before he can say quid pro quo, he’s mucking out stalls and wrestling hay bales. Even more worrisome, he’s falling under the spell of bartender Tansy Emerson’s big brown eyes...


Tansy gave Aleck a smile and slid behind the wheel. “I can’t help noticing that you have a lot of questions about this way of life.”
He flashed her a grin. “Askin’ questions is second nature to me. It’s how I make my livin’.”
“Yes, but—”
“It’s also my knee-jerk response to somethin’ that’s completely foreign to me. When I’m out of my depth, I Hoover up everythin’ I can.”
“Fair enough.”
“I’m happy so many are goin’ tonight. Gives me a chance to buy a round. I’m very good at orderin’ beer.”
“Good luck with that. You might have to arm-wrestle a couple of McGavins first.”
“That could be interestin’. I used to do quite a bit of that. Haven’t lately. I think I could take Cody, possibly Trevor, but if they put me up against Ryker, chances are I’m goin’ down.”
“It’s his military bearing.”
“Nay, it’s his muscles. He’s built for the caber toss.”
“I don’t know what that is, but if it involves brute strength, Ryker’s up to it.”
“The caber toss is one of the main events in the Highland games.”
“And a caber is...”
“A log the size of a telephone pole.”
“Wow. Have you ever done it?”
“Oh, yeah. Rory and I had to prove ourselves to be manly men.” He chuckled. “Can’t say we did it well, but we did it. Caber toss, hammer throw, shot put. We gave them all a go.”
“Wearing kilts?”
“Aye. That’s how it’s done.”
“Any videos?” Surely someone had recorded that for posterity.
“God, I hope not.”
Damn. “Listen, if you’ve managed to toss a telephone pole without injuring yourself, you shouldn’t take a back seat to any of these cowboys.”
“Aye, but I’ve never ridden a horse, now, have I?”
“You’d be fine.”
“That’s what Rory says.”
“It’s no different from the caber toss and that other stuff you mentioned. You do it so you can say you did.”
“Are you throwin’ down a gauntlet, lass?” He sounded amused.
“I might be. I’m on the evening shift for the next few days so my days are free. How about going for a ride with me?”
“I dare you.”
He started laughing.
“I double-dog dare you.”
Now he was laughing so hard he could barely talk. “Never heard that one.” He gulped for air. “Sounds...very...serious.”
“Oh, it is. You don’t back down from a double-dog dare unless you want to lose your manly man standing.”
Clearing his throat, he glanced over at her. “You win. I’ll go ridin’.”

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