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Wild About the Cowboy

Wild things can’t be tamed...

Wrangler Luke Griffin refuses to be tied down like his unhappy dad. Always on the move, he’ll soon be handing in his notice at the Last Chance Ranch. But he’s curious about the woman studying an eagle family nesting on Chance land. When he stops under the observation platform, he’s doused by sticky green liquid and comes face-to-face with an angel.

Through her binoculars, Naomi Perkins spots that gorgeous cowboy a mile away. Then she blows her cover by sliming him with her energy drink. On the plus side, she’s treated to a lust-inspiring view of his chest as he strips off his shirt. Even better, her nature-girl persona evidently appeals to him, although a brief affair is all this untamed cowboy can offer. She can’t resist. She loves wild things.

And when it’s time, she’ll let him go. No matter how much it hurts.

NOTE: This title was formerly released as WILD AT HEART

Sons of Chance

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