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It's About Time, Cowboy

Smitten by his best friend’s sister...

Langford Hutchinson, known to everyone as Hutch, loves taking risks. But dating his best friend’s sister was never one of them. Except he and Katrina Bledsoe are temporarily back in town, and Katrina’s big not.She’s visiting her widowed mom and Hutch is helping his recently widowed dad with the general store. Once Katrina admits to a long-standing crush, Hutch can’t resist a golden opportunity. Her brother never needs to know.

Katrina’s idolized Hutch ever since she used to tag along behind him and her brother. Now she buys all his videos—daredevil antics that have earned him a considerable online following. The prospect of a fling with Hutch when her brother’s not around to interfere captures her imagination. It won’t get serious. They’re too invested in their careers to settle down. She’s only satisfying her curiosity. Right?

Sons of Chance

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