The McGavin Brothers
Book 1

Kissing her was his first mistake...

Rancher Zane McGavin shoved Mandy Fielding out of his mind years ago. Once childhood best friends, they operated as a team until senior year. Then Mandy’s home life shattered. She left town, so he taught himself not to care. Now she’s back, and he cares more than he’ll ever admit. But she’s not staying.

Mandy rose from the ashes and created her dream job in NYC. But she misses the only family she has—her mom. Since her mom clearly misses her just as much, Mandy urges her to relocate. But there’s a roadblock. Zane insists her mother will be miserable in NYC. What does he know? And when did he turn into a gorgeous cowboy with a kiss that drives her wild?


Heaven. Without the battle that had raged before, kissing Zane was so easy, so natural. What a revelation. The man who gave the best kisses Mandy’d ever enjoyed in all her twenty-seven years turned out to be her old buddy Zane.
Too bad he’d rolled up the blanket. If he hadn’t, then they image of them naked on the blanket brought her to her senses. She was not, absolutely not having sex with this man for a million and one reasons. If she stopped kissing him for two seconds, she’d remember what they were.
She tried pulling away, but his grip tightened as he continued his sweet assault. Yes, she could bite his tongue, but she didn’t want to inflict real damage, especially to such a talented tongue. Instead she grabbed a fistful of his longish hair and tugged.
He lifted his mouth a fraction from hers. “Ow.”
“Let me go.” Her voice sounded like a rusty hinge.
“Buttercup...” Unlike her harsh croak, his voice held the deep, rich tones of a man anticipating what could transpire if she’d allow him to keep this up.
He’d never know how tempted she was. “Let me go now.” She sucked in air. “We’re not doing this.”
He choked on a laugh. “Could’ve fooled me.”
“I mean it. Let me go.”
His grip loosened and he stepped back. He was breathing hard and his hand trembled as he ran his fingers through his hair, but his gaze was steady. “We need to talk about this.”
“No, we don’t.” She scooped up her hat.
He stared at her. “I just kissed you. And by the way, you kissed me back.”
“So what? You’re a good kisser.”
“So what? We’ve known each other since we were three and something like this has never happened before. We can’t just ignore it.”
I can, and I will. What you choose to do is up to you.” She leaned down, gathered up her hair and crammed her hat back on as she stood upright. “We should go.” She picked up his hat and handed it to him.
He took it but didn’t put it on. “Look, I was there. I felt you respond. You want me as much as I want you.”
She wasn’t about to admit to damp panties and tight nipples. He didn’t have to know about either. “What just happened between us was an aberration, like we stepped into an alternate reality for a while. We’ll both be better off if we pretend it never happened.”
“Who says?”
“I do!” She felt panic rising because he looked so appealing standing there all mussed and manly. “So we kissed each other. Why are you making such a big deal out of it?”
“Because it is a big deal, damn it.” He took a deep breath. “At least to me.” His eyes were trained on her like lasers. “I can’t speak for you.”
Dear God, he was sexy. But she needed to appear calm and in control even though the blood rushed through her veins, making her dizzy and disoriented. “It was just a kiss. Nothing earthshattering. We don’t have to talk about it, dissect it, or worry about it. It’s over.”
A muscle twitched in his jaw. “You are a maddening woman.”

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