Thunder Mountain

Book 1

Midnight Thunder

Thunder Mountain Ranch was the only place cowboy Cade Gallagher had ever called home. But after he and Lexi Simmons broke each others’ hearts, he left it behind, along with his foster family. Since then, Cade has drifted, looking for something—anything—to call home. Until a call from Lexi changes everything...

Cade has been gone too long. His foster mother is hospitalized, and the ranch is in deep financial trouble. Yet even as his world crumbles, Cade’s hunger for Lexi is almost as tangible as the taste of her lips and the way her body fits deliciously against his. It’s bittersweet surrender. But Lexi isn’t the girl she used to be, and she’s determined to have the hot cowboy in her bed only if she keeps him out of her heart.


Damon and Finn would be here in a few short hours and Cade wanted the Thunder Mountain Brotherhood cabin to be ready.
He and Lexi worked well together cleaning up the small space, but that was to be expected. They’d shared chores like this for years. When they’d been young teens, their cooperative efforts hadn’t been very smooth, but then they’d grown up a little. And he’d kissed her.
From their first kiss on prom night, everything had changed. Suddenly they’d known what to do and how to be with each other. Even though they’d been virgins, sex had been amazing from the beginning. He hadn’t appreciated how rare that was until he’d slept with someone else.
He shouldn’t be thinking about sex at all while Lexi was right here, her scent swirling in the air as she tucked in sheets and arranged blankets. But he couldn’t seem to think of anything else. Good thing they’d never made love in this cabin or he’d be dealing with those memories, too.
Giving her up had been the toughest choice he’d ever made, but he hadn’t been able to provide what she’d wanted, and staying had seemed unfair to both of them. He’d been a little surprised that she hadn’t found someone else to fulfill that dream of marriage, a home, and kids. He’d braced himself for that eventuality.
Yet here she was, still single. He didn’t know what to make of that. Right now his head hurt too damn much to make sense of anything. Thinking about Lexi’s hot body probably wasn’t helping, either.
He’d never told another woman that sex could cure his headaches. He didn’t know if it would work with anyone besides Lexi because he’d never tested it, as if doing that would be disloyal. Pretty stupid.
Timing his orgasm to match Lexi’s, something he’d become fairly good at, had always eliminated his headache completely. Today he’d have to hope that aspirin would do the trick, although he didn’t have any. Maybe Lexi could scare up a couple of tablets for him.
“That’s it for the beds.” She glanced around. “Looking good in here. Want me to vacuum the floor?”
“I can do it.”
“I know, but I’ll bet you’re dying for a shower, and you can take one while I finish up. It’ll also give you a chance to see if the wash house is fit for Damon and Finn.”
He grinned. “Don’t be so diplomatic. If I stink, just say so.”
That made her laugh. “Hit the showers, Gallagher.”
“Point taken. So will you still be here when I get back?”
“Sure. I’ll wait for you.”
“Good. See you in about fifteen minutes.” Still smiling, he grabbed a bar of soap, a towel, and his duffle before taking the well-worn path to the bath house. She was right. A shower and a shave would feel good.
The wash house was clean enough, in his estimation. And because she was waiting for him, he didn’t linger. His hair was still damp when he walked back to the cabin carrying his duffel in one hand and his dirty clothes in the other. A close shave and clean clothes had gone a long way toward reviving him. He still had the headache, but he didn’t feel grubby anymore.
He’d expected to find Lexi sitting on the front stoop soaking up the sunshine, like the boys used to do when the foster program was still in operation. The laundry basket and the vacuum cleaner were there, though. Maybe she’d decided to sit inside, although as gorgeous as it was outside, he couldn’t imagine doing that.
She’d also shut the door, which was odd. When he opened it and stepped inside, he paused in confusion. Lexi’s clothes were hanging over the back of a desk chair, and Lexi was . . . in his bunk. If he wasn’t mistaken, and he never was about such things, she was naked under those covers. He lost his grip on the duffle, which fell to the floor with a thud.
She smiled at him. “Let’s take care of your headache.”


Copyright 2001-2021 Vicki Lewis Thompson