The Men of BMUS Boxed Set
May 2016

The Men of BMUS

Welcome to the tech startup BMUS (Beam Me Up Scotty) launched by four guys with a combined IQ of 600-plus. They have big plans for their small company, but to get where they want to be, they’ll need to rely on the talents of four smart, savvy women who challenge their assumptions and fire their passions.

This box set contains four books, also available separately

The Geek Tycoon
In the big office with the cushy leather chair sits Anthony James Bainbridge IV, or Tony to his friends, the company’s CEO. Tony has everything money can buy, but his confirmed geek status has cost him when it comes to romance. In the adjoining office is his long-time friend Charlotte Wingate, who’s in charge of HR. Only problem? Tony’s been head-over-heels for Charlotte since grade school…and she has no idea.

Tender is the Nerd
Software engineer Rylan Krause’s door is closed. He’s hit a wall with the design for the company’s first project, and he’s a little cranky. Luckily for him, Miranda Travers isn’t about to let him suffer alone. He needs a break and she’s determined to knock him out of his junk-food induced creativity coma with a home cooked meal loaded with the kind of brain-nurturing veggies that never make it onto his grocery list. And if that doesn’t work, she has something else in mind for dessert…

It’s All Geek to Me
The office down the hall is home to Rylan’s straight-laced brother, Frazer Krause. He’s a by-the-numbers hardware geek, which is why the company’s office manager, free-spirited Dulcie Hilgendorf, is blowing his circuits. She enjoys pushing him out of his comfort zone every chance she gets, something no one else has ever dared to do. But what really shocks him is how much he likes the increased freedom…and Dulcie.

A Nerd to Remember
Tech security specialist Garrett Upton has a problem of a different kind. He’s just met the woman of his dreams…for the second time. Jocelyn Salisbury is the company’s new lawyer, but unfortunately, she has no idea Garrett’s the man she spent a passion-filled night with back in college. He never told her his name, and his current stylish wardrobe and muscular physique bears little resemblance to the skinny nerd who showed up at her sorority’s Halloween party dressed in a Spiderman suit.

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