Nerds & Geeks #4
May 2016

A Nerd to Remember

Garrett Upton just met his company’s new lawyer, Jocelyn Salisbury – and she’s the woman he spent a pleasure-filled night with during her sorority’s Halloween party. But he was a nerdy engineer who’d taught himself Klingon and she was . . . not, so he chose to hide his identity.

Seven years later, he’s a sought-after cyber cop with an upgraded wardrobe and a toned body. Sparks fly again, but she thinks she’s meeting him for the first time. He’s reluctant to reveal their history, but the omission begins to feel like a lie. His sense of justice won’t allow him to keep her in the dark but telling her the truth could destroy their chance at happiness.


Garrett's inner debate about whether to tell Jocelyn about their prior encounter was ongoing, but meanwhile they were getting along really well. He was sorely tempted to leave that memory stashed in the closet where it belonged. He didn’t regret that night, not for a minute, but their relationship could progress more naturally for her without throwing that episode into the mix.
Oh, right, he was keeping the secret for her sake. Honesty made him admit that wasn’t the only reason, and probably not the main reason. Her view of him would definitely change once she knew, and he was nervous about that. At twenty-one he’d been enough of a goofball to barge into a sorority house uninvited and hang upside down from a railing in hopes of a kiss. He’d matured since then and she seemed to like the person he was now. Why mess with that?
Well, because it wasn’t fair that he knew and she didn’t. So he’d have to tell her, but maybe not until after they’d made it through this caper. Revealing his identity now might throw her off and she wouldn’t be as effective in her dealings with Pearson. The fate of BMUS was the priority.
And a damned fine excuse that was, too. He’d perfected his ability to rationalize until it was nearly an art form.
After parking in a visitor space, he located her building and climbed the outside stairs to the second floor. He was glad she’d chosen a second-floor unit. Only one way in and out was a far safer bet than a ground floor with window access.
She answered the door right away and his brain stalled. She didn’t look the least bit lawyerly now. Maybe she really did like him because she’d certainly dressed as if she wanted to get his attention. And that perfume . . . damn. The spicy scent triggered potent memories that could get him into trouble.
There was no way she could know it, but her light blue transparent blouse reminded him of the harem outfit she’d worn on Halloween night. The stretchy tank top underneath emphasized the swell of her breasts and saliva pooled in his mouth. She’d left the blouse unbuttoned and tied at her waist, which seemed like a subtle invitation to untie it.
She’d taken her hair down, too, and it was loose around her shoulders the way it had been that night. He shoved his hands in the pockets of his slacks so he wouldn’t reach out and run his fingers through it. She also must have popped in contacts because she wasn’t wearing her frameless glasses.
She wore jeans, or what he guessed were jeans, although they didn’t seem to have any button or zipper. They were skintight and short, only going past her knees. Her shoes were the kind with straps and high, skinny heels. He’d heard someone call them do-me shoes and he’d have to agree with that label.
From her cherry red lips to her red-painted toenails she looked like a woman who wanted to be seduced. And he was just the guy to do it.

Copyright 2001-2021 Vicki Lewis Thompson