The McGavin Brothers
Book 9

This can’t be love...

Quinn Sawyer has no business getting involved with Kendra McGavin. He has a thriving business in Spokane, and she owns a ranch in Eagles Nest, Montana, seven hours away. But when his vintage Harley breaks down while he’s visiting his daughter, Kendra’s barn is the perfect place to complete the repair. Stranded on her ranch for several days, Quinn finds the lovely Kendra impossible to resist. Flirtation quickly leads to...something more.

Quinn flips all Kendra’s switches...which scares the hell out of her. The only men she’s had in her life since the unexpected death of her husband more than twenty years ago are her five grown sons. She’s single by choice, and that’s worked out just fine. She’s not ready to change her family dynamic. But the vision of a long-distance affair is tempting, especially if it won’t disturb the status quo.

It’s the perfect arrangement. As long as they don’t fall in love...


Quinn had done such a good job with the fire that it continued to crackle merrily when Michael and Roxanne were ready to leave. After they drove away, Kendra evaluated the situation. “We have two choices. We can smother it with dirt or grab another cup of coffee and enjoy it a little longer.”
“I’d vote for Option B. It’s a mild night and the stars are out. But it’s your ranch and your fire pit. I’ll happily smother the fire if you want me to.”
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you intended for this fire to last until after they left.”
“Would I do that?”
“We haven’t been acquainted for long, Quinn, but based on what I’ve seen so far, I’d say you would do that.”
“Busted.” He didn’t look very contrite.
“Tell you what. Put on another log and I’ll bring down the coffee pot. And my jacket.”
“I’ll move a bench over by the fire.”
“Good idea, I’ll be right back.” Her pulse fluttered as she walked back to the house. But the prospect of sitting under a starry sky with Quinn was too delicious to pass up.
She’d meant what she’d said earlier today. She had a full life. But she hadn’t experienced a night like this in ages, a night when romance drifted on the breeze and a handsome man waited by the fire.
Could she live without such things? Certainly. But when an opportunity dropped in her lap, why reject it?
Moments later she returned to the fire pit with a thermal carafe of coffee. She’d put on her denim jacket but left it unbuttoned so she wouldn’t overheat in the warmth coming from the blazing logs. Or from the hot cowboy.
As promised, Quinn had brought a bench over by the fire and was sitting on it with both coffee mugs beside him. When she stepped into the firelight, he stood and picked up both mugs. “I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed an evening more than this one.”
“I can’t either.” She poured their coffee and set the carafe on the end of the bench. “Perfect weather.” Cradling her mug, she sat down.
“Perfect company.”
“Nice of you to say.”
“Nice of you to invite me.” He settled on her right, leaving enough space between them for her coffee mug if she chose to put it there.
Instead she held it in both hands and took a tentative sip. “Watch out for the coffee. It’s really hot.”
“Just how I like it. Nothing worse than lukewarm coffee.”
He chuckled. “All right, there are plenty of things worse.” He took a drink before glancing at her. “You pay close attention to what people say, don’t you?” Firelight shimmered in his eyes.
“I pay even closer attention to what they do.”
“Smart lady.”
“Like keeping the fire going even though we’d finished eating.”
He shrugged. “No telling how long they would stay.”
“Or whether you’d agree to sit out here with me after they left.”
“But I was hoping.”
“And here I am.” Anticipation curled in her stomach.
“A little.” She glanced at him. “Silly, huh?”
“Not at all.” His gaze was kind. “But if you’re wondering if I want to kiss you, the answer is yes. I would like that very much.”
Her pulse hammered. “It’s been a long time since...”
“I know. That’s why it’s your call.”

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