The McGavin Brothers
Book 7

Cowboy to the rescue!

When big-hearted Luke Bennett spots a dog stranded on the highway in a snowstorm, he leaps into action. Saving the day is what this sexy cowboy does. Whether it’s a stray animal in peril or a business going down the tubes, Luke’s the guy to call.

But it will take all his management skills to rescue Abigail Summers from bankruptcy. Although she bakes like an angel and her pastries are a hit, the devil’s in the details. She could be Luke’s dream girl, but her cardboard box overflowing with a year’s worth of receipts is his worst nightmare.

Saving the day and winning the girl looks damn near impossible. Then again, he has a four-footed ally named Delilah.


“I’m Luke Bennett, by the way.”
“Abigail Summers.” She held out her hand. “I own the—“
“Pie in the Sky Bakery.” He clasped her hand. Her grip was firm, probably from kneading bread. “I was trying to remember where I’d heard your name. I’ve only been in once with my folks over Christmas vacation to pick up a few breakfast pastries. I don’t remember seeing you.”
“I was probably delivering pies and bread to the GG. That was a super busy time.”
“I’ll bet.”
“Am I right that you’ve just relocated from Portland? I seem to remember your mom saying something like that.”
He went on alert. His mom was a recovering matchmaker who’d vowed to mend her ways. But if she’d been talking him up to Abigail, then she might have fallen off the wagon. “Did she happen to mention that I’m single?”
“No.” She looked amused. “Was she supposed to?”
“No! I just—“
“Wanted me to know you’re available?”
“Absolutely not.” Heat rose from under his collar. “That came out all wrong. I’m not in the market.”
“You already have a girlfriend?”
“No, I don’t, but—“
“You’re looking for a boyfriend?”
No.” He scrubbed a hand over his face. Could this be get any worse? His mom had kept her word about not trying to set him up. Explaining her previous irritating behavior to Abigail would get him out of this fix but it wouldn’t be gallant.
A bump against his thigh made him glance down. Saved by the dog. The collie stood staring up at him as if he or she needed something.
Abigail chuckled. “That look means I need to go outside.
He met her calm gaze. Too bad he was still embarrassed as hell. And now they were discussing the dog’s bathroom requirements. “How do you know?”
“My family had dogs when I was growing up. That’s the look they give you when they need to take care of business.” The corners of her mouth tilted up. “And then you’ll know if it’s a boy or a girl.”
“I don’t have a collar and leash for her.”
Opening her coat, she unwound a long scarf from around her neck. “Use this.”
“I don’t think—“
“Use it.” She shook it at him. “Tomorrow you can buy what you need. Today you need to improvise.”
She was right. “Thank you, ma’am.”
“You’re welcome.”
The scarf worked like a charm. He secured it around the dog’s neck and led the critter back out the front door and over to an area beside the parking lot. As the dog squatted to relieve herself, he had his answer. He’d rescued a girl.

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