The McGavin Brothers
Book 13

This cowboy's on the ropes...

Seasoned wrangler Brendan Sawyer’s on board with Jo Fielding’s plan to skip the dating routine and test their compatibility during a weekend at a Montana resort. Brendan’s convinced they’ll get along just fine. They’re not kids anymore, so why not dive right in? Even better, they’ll be surrounded by luxury accommodations. Then the plan implodes, leaving them stranded in a dicey rural cabin with frigid air seeping through the cracks and no hot water. Tempers begin to fray. Then the buffalo herd arrives...


Quinn pushed back his chair. “Care for a dance, Kendra? We can show my little brother how it’s done.”
“Them’s fightin’ words, mate.” Brendan stood and held out his hand. “Jo?”
She laughed and put her hand in his. “Is this a competition?”
“Damn straight. Are you with me?”
“You bet. I was born dancing, too.”
“Then we’re about to have one hell of a good time.” He led her out to the floor. Dancing was a passion of his and if Jo shared his enthusiasm, what a bonus.
One glance at her animated expression and he had his answer. As he employed his favorite two-step moves, she was a responsive partner, limber as a willow in the wind.
Meanwhile Quinn and Kendra put on quite a show, too. In the old days, when the Sawyer brothers had been two young bucks out to prove something, they’d regularly cleared the dance floor. Evidently they still had that effect.
Ringed by a clapping, whistling crowd, he was in his element. Even better, Jo seemed to be, too. She matched his every move and anticipated the next. As the band swung into the final few bars of the tune, he spun her around the perimeter in a blistering triple-step, twirling her under his arm and behind his back.
One final spin and it was over. He faced her, breathless and grinning. “Awesome.”
She gulped for air. “Sure was. I’ve never danced the two-step that fast. I’m ready to sit dow--”
“Hang on a sec. The band’s playin’ a cool-down number. It’s better for our systems if we don’t sit just yet.”
“You’re making that up.” But she didn’t resist when he drew her into his arms.
“I’m not makin’ it up. Goes for any strenuous physical exercise. Your body needs to gradually return to a restin’ phase. You don’t want your muscles crampin’, do you?” He tugged her in closer.
“They won’t.” She nestled against him. “I do yoga and get regular massages.”
“In other words, you take care of yourself.”
“I do.”
“I can tell.” First time he’d had full-length contact with her lithe, toned body. Nice. Maybe a little too nice. His buddy was responding to that gentle friction.
Her boots gave her extra height and she only had to tilt her chin slightly to meet his gaze. Her mouth was within kissing distance. “Are you sure this is supposed to cool us down?”
“Um...I might have miscalculated on that score.”
“I don’t believe that for a minute.” Her hips moved in sync with his. “You’re trying to seduce me.”
“Would I do that?” He would, but she’d turned the tables. The heat in her eyes stirred him up something fierce.
“You’re angling for an invitation back to my place tonight.”
“Are you considerin’ it?”
“I explained earlier why that’s a bad idea.”
“I know, but—”
“I’m not considering it.”
“Okay, maybe I did for a split second.”
“Then let’s keep dancin’. Lots of split seconds left in this number.”
“Doesn’t matter. I have my plan.”
“You’re a stubborn lady.”
“And you’re a stubborn man. Much to my surprise, I find that arousing.”
“Me, too. You present a challenge. I do like a challenge.”

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