The McGavin Brothers
Book 11

Ready or not, he’s a daddy...

Gage Sawyer has been a rolling stone since he left the family ranch at eighteen. A year and a half ago he had a fling with Emma Green, and never forgot about her. But when he showed up at her door, she shut it in his face. He figured that was that…until she arrived in Eagles Nest with a baby. His baby.


"Glad you came down?”
Emma gazed at Gage. “Yes, I am.”
“Me, too.” Heat flickered in his dark eyes as he slowly lifted their joined hands and kissed the tips of her fingers.
The air left her lungs. He used to do that when…
“Emma, you’re driving me crazy.” He closed his eyes and sighed. “But we...” He paused to take a breath. “You need to meet Winston.”
A piercing whinny filled the barn.
“There’s your answer. He expects it.”
“Alrighty, then.”
Keeping a firm grip on her hand, Gage bypassed the other residents of the barn, who were still engrossed in their dinner. At the far end, a horse poked his head out of the stall. His dramatic coat was splashed with butterscotch and white.
“Oh, Gage, he’s beautiful.”
“Don’t think he doesn’t know it. Hey, Winston. Say hello to Emma.”
The horse bobbed his head and made a throaty huh-HUH-huh sound.
“That almost sounds like hello!”
“Because it is his way of saying it.” Gage reached across the stall door and stroked the horse’s glossy neck. “He’s named for Winston Churchill, and he’s a talker. He’s also the kingpin around here and if someone comes into the barn and doesn’t pay attention to him, he lets that person know. Isn’t that right, Winston?”
He snorted and tossed his head.
“He’s fun to ride, too. Kendra’s been generous enough to let me take him out a few times.”
“You don’t have a horse?”
“Used to. When I was ready to leave home, I knew I wouldn’t be coming back except for visits. Didn’t seem like Dad should be stuck feeding and exercising Sparrow. Didn’t feel right to sell him.” He scratched under Winston’s flowing mane.
“I can understand that.” The more he fondled the horse, the more her skin tingled.
“Sparrow was real gentle, so I donated him to an organization that teaches disabled kids to ride.”
“What a great idea. Do you think you’ll ever get another one?”
“I’ve thought about it. It’s a commitment, though. Once you have a horse, you either take care of it every day or pay someone to do it. Ideally it should be you, so you bond with that animal. I do enjoy ‘em, though.” He looked over at her. “Want to stroke Winston’s nose? It’s like velvet. He loves being touched.”
He’s not the only one. She stepped closer and smoothed her hand down the horse’s nose. “It does feel like velvet. Do you like this, Winston?”
He blew air softly through his nostrils.
“I think that’s a yes. And now you can say you’ve made friends with a horse.”
“Yeah.” She continued to stroke Winston’s nose. “This is kind of fun.”
“You can branch out, reach up and scratch behind his ears, rub his neck.”
“Like he’s a big dog?”
Winston did his low huh-HUH-huh thing again.
“He’s telling you he likes that.”
“I like it, too. His coat is so warm and smooth.” She moved her hand in circles over his powerful neck.
“It is.” He cleared his throat. “But you need to stop, now.”
“Oh? Am I doing something wrong?” Turning her head, she met his gaze.
“Not wrong, but you’re doing something…to me.” Heat flared in his eyes.
Her hand stilled as her breathing kicked into high gear.
“Come on over here.” He guided her away from the stall and into a secluded corner at the back of the barn. Releasing her hand, he slowly pulled her into his arms, his gaze never leaving hers. “I’m going to kiss you, Emma, and I hope to hell you feel like kissing me back, because I need...”
Her heart performed a quick drum solo and she couldn’t seem to get enough air. “What...what do you need?”
He cradled the back of her head, splaying his fingers on either side of her ponytail. Then he leaned down until his mouth brushed hers. “You.”

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