The McGavin Brothers
Book 10

Bad timing never felt so good...

Wes Sawyer knows a risky proposition when he sees one. Pursuing a woman fresh from a breakup who happens to be his sister Roxanne’s best friend? Definitely a bad idea. But how’s he supposed to ignore the beautiful baker? He has a sweet tooth, and Ingrid Lindstrom’s kisses would taste even better than the pastries she creates...

After Ingrid’s ex turned out to be a cheating bastard, she vowed to take an extended vacay from men. That goes double for the hot cowboy down the hall. Getting involved with Roxanne’s big brother could spell disaster, putting friendship and family loyalty on the line and destroying the life she’s built in Eagles Nest.

But she never expected to face the temptation of a muscular Wes wearing only a towel...


“Let me get the door.” Wes fished out his key.
“It feels like it’s been such a long time since the parade.”
“Probably because we did a lot, today.” He opened the door and motioned Ingrid inside. An overhead fixture in the entry and another in the upstairs hall lit the stairs as she began the climb, her footsteps on the wooden steps echoing in the silence.
He supposed they’d been alone in this building lots of times, but it hadn’t registered the way it did tonight. Abigail had held onto the front apartment even though she, Luke and Delilah spent most of their time at his house adjacent to Wild Creek Ranch. Every so often they spent the night here, and he hadn’t kept track of whether there was a routine to it.
For now, it was just Ingrid and him. And the poster on her wall. A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. He’d laughed at it this morning. After spending a wonderful day with her, he’d lost his sense of humor concerning that piece of art. He followed her up the stairs.
She waited for him at the top as he mounted the last couple of steps. “Thank you for inviting me to ride down to the park with you today.” Her mouth tilted in a soft smile. “I had a really good time.”
“So did I.” He nudged back his hat and cleared his throat. “I just have to ask. What’s that poster on your wall all about?”
Her smile faded.
Way to ruin the mood, idiot. “Never mind. Shouldn’t have asked. It’s none of my business.”
“I wouldn’t say that.” She took a breath. “But if you don’t mind, I’d rather not talk about it tonight.”
“You don’t have to talk about it, ever.”
“I wondered if Roxanne might have—”
She nodded. “I should have known she wouldn’t. She’s a good friend.”
Terrific. He’d just turned a sweet moment into an awkward one. “I should let you go, then. I’ll...see you around.” He started to turn away.
He glanced at her. Those gorgeous blue eyes had lost their sparkle, damn it. “Listen, I’m sorry I mentioned the poster. It’s just that I didn’t remember seeing it the first time I was in your apartment.”
“I put it up three weeks ago. It’s...a long story, one better told another time.” She stepped closer. “Thank you for a great day.” Without warning, she lifted to her toes and gave him a quick kiss on the mouth. Then she spun around and hurried down the hallway. Her door closed behind her with a soft click.
He stood where he was for a while, lips tingling from her drive-by kiss. What the hell did that mean?

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