As Time Goes By

A love of history and a stolen first kiss on graduation night was all Sarah Melton shared with Cliff Hamilton in high school ten years ago. She’d dreamed about sharing much more, although his wealthy background and Harvard aspirations kept him just out of reach. But a horseback riding injury lands Cliff in the emergency room where she works as a radiologist, and her teenage crush morphs into a searing case of lust.

Sarah’s not the only one blown away by the encounter. The quiet girl Cliff remembers from high school has become a passionate and independent woman. Although life has thrown him a few curves in the intervening years, being with Sarah takes him back to a time when anything was possible. Maybe it still is, if he can convince Sarah that love is the great equalizer...

Vintage VLT Ebook
August 2014

Sons of Chance #16
Harlequin Blaze
July 2014

Riding Home

City-slicker lawyer Jeannette Trenton is about as welcome at the Last Chance Ranch as a rattlesnake at a square dance. She's there to atone for one major mistake. But Jeannette's pretty sure righting her big wrong does not include thinking lustful thoughts about the ranch's new cowhand….

Zach Powell knows Jeannette's type—a wound-up-tight perfectionist with one eye on her email at all times. Heck, that used to be him. She needs to shake it loose, face her imperfections and allow herself to make mistakes. There's definitely no mistake about the wickedly sexy vibe between them. This gal is gonna have to "cowboy up"…or miss the ride of her life!

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