The Buckskin Brotherhood
Book 9

Fake it ’til you make it...

To derail his mother’s ill-conceived plan to move in with him, wrangler Teague Sullivan claims he’s engaged to fourth grade teacher Val Jenson. His mom counters with a spur-of-the-moment visit, forcing Teague to recruit Val as his live-in fake fiancée.

Val agrees to help him, although she’s been wary of the sexy cowboy ever since he jumped the gun and proposed a week after they met. Her condition? Zip his lip regarding love and commitment. He may be ready to settle down, but she’s not. Once his mom leaves, she’s outta there, unless he can convince her marriage isn’t on his mind…


“I’m not the same guy I was back in June.”
No, you’re even sexier. “Funny, but you look a lot like him. Same hat, same boots.” Same muscles that make me want to give you a long, slow chest massage.
“I got caught up in marriage mania. Seemed like every five minutes somebody at the Buckskin was getting engaged.”
“I wouldn’t know.”
“Take my word for it. I’ve been hanging with that bunch for years. Nobody was talking about getting married. Then boom, everyone was into it. I let myself get swept up in their deal. Thank you for slapping some sense into me.”
“I did not slap you, although I was tempted.”
“You probably should have after I hounded you to see things my way. And in the process, I ruined a good thing.” His voice grew husky. “A very good thing.”
A shiver ran up her spine. He used to have that same throaty murmur after they’d had sex. Fantastic sex. “And your point is?”
“My mom wants to meet you. If you’d pretend to be my fiancée when she’s here, she’ll drop the idea of moving in with me.”
“That’s a lot to ask. I don’t see why I should—”
“Did you like having sex with me?”
Heat rose to her face. And settled lower, too. “I— uh— suppose I—”
“Never mind.” He smiled. “I know the answer.”
“That was never the problem. The problem was—”
“Me getting serious. I’m aware. And I’m suggesting a reboot. A do-over. Sex without strings.”
She took a shaky breath. “You’re not capable of that.”
“What if I give you my word? Ask anybody who knows me. My word is solid.”
Oh, boy. She’d experienced first-hand how solid he could be. How hot. How creative…
“You’re thinking about it.”
“Am not.”
“Are so. Your eyes just went dark green. That’s a tell.”

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