The Buckskin Brotherhood
Book 8

Date his daughter’s teacher? No way!

Buckskin ranch hand Zeke Lassiter’s too busy rebuilding a life with his 8-year-old daughter Claire to think about romance. But Claire has other ideas. She’s found just the right woman for her dad—her third-grade teacher, Nell O’Connor! Shattered by events he’s unwilling to share with his daughter, Zeke claims that a date with her teacher is inappropriate. But now school’s out…

Nell bonded with Claire, her favorite student, and she wouldn’t mind getting to know Claire’s appealing dad. But he’s clearly reluctant to get involved. She’s ready to let it go, but Claire’s not. And a matchmaking 8-year-old is a force to be reckoned with.


“Garrett pointed out that I haven’t been fair to you, and he’s right.”
“I’m not sure what you mean.” Not quite true. But Nell wanted more than vague generalizations.
“I’ve told you I wouldn’t date because of my obligations to Claire. Tonight I… sent a different signal.”
Zeke cleared his throat and gripped the wheel tighter. “I apologize.”
“For what?”
“Dancing with you so often.”
“I can’t speak for you, but I had fun.”
“So did I. That’s the problem.”
“I think you know why.”
Uh-uh. You’re not dodging that question, buddy. “I’m not sure I do.” A quick glance confirmed his jaw was clenched.
Silence. Then finally, as if forcing them out, he said the words. “Because I want you.”
Okay! She opened her mouth to respond.
“I’ve wanted you for some time.”
Whoa. Let the man talk.
“I’ve done my best to hide it. Until tonight. I got carried away and likely gave you the wrong impression. You probably thought I’d changed my mind but I haven’t.”
“I know that you—”
“Claire is my priority. She comes first and that will never change. I’m a full-time dad, which means I can’t be leaving her with babysitters all the time. That’s—”
“Look, I underst—“
“Jake thinks you might be fine with only getting together one night a week, but I—”
“I can’t imagine asking—”
“Are you saying you’d be okay with getting involved if it’s only one night a week?” She was so shocked her voice squeaked.
“See?” He looked over at her. “You’re insulted, right? You think that’s cheesy.”
“No, damn it! I think it’s fabulous!”
“It’s a brilliant idea! Jake’s a genius, and… you just drove past my house.”
He slammed on the brakes and turned to her, disbelief etched in his face and every line of his taut body. “You’re kidding.”
“No.” She gasped for breath.
“You wouldn’t feel cheated?”
“As opposed to never making love to you?” She put a hand to her chest where her heart was banging so hard it physically hurt. “Are you crazy?”
“Evidently.” He put the truck in reverse, backed down the street and swerved into a spot next to the curb in front of her bungalow. Then he shut off the motor and looked over at her, his chest heaving. “Claire’s at Henri’s for the night.”
She swallowed. “Would you like to come in?”

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